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indevis – The Company

Since 1999 indevis GmbH, ISO 27001 certified, has been providing IT security, datacenter and network solutions, accompanied by professional consulting, management and support services. As one of Germany's leading Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP), indevis is the partner for companies of all sizes and industries. indevis offices are located in two cities in Germany: Munich and Hamburg. Additional staff members work at a number of other locations distributed throughout Germany.

Our confident image

Each of our client networks comprises numerous subnets and IP addresses. All with their own function. We protect these networks so that our clients can flourish – as champions in Germany and in the world. A secure network is more than the sum of its individual parts. Security means quality and added value for our clients.

indevis means security – it's our mission! Our work is not directly visible to most clients but they know that it's done well, because everything works correctly and securely. Our good work is recognized and valued at these times. That is both acknowledgment and praise for us. And that is also what we mean with "indevis – Security in a connected world."

Our mission: Security in a conncted world

Focusing on customer benefits is our top priority. Everyone at indevis contributes to security in a connected world – be it through the targeted use of smart technologies, promoting our expertise or recognizing customer needs and responding to them effectively.

Our mission at indevis is to enable organizations in all branches and of all sizes to benefit from value-added complex and innovative information technology in an increasingly more interconnected online world, and in this way to facilitate secure commercial processes for those organizations. We do so by providing this technology as managed security services. In doing so, indevis fully meets the demands and requirements set out by the economic sector, public authorities and higher education institutions.

Our vision:  IT security is the enabler of digital transformation

indevis is the expert for IT security across the entire range of customer requirements. We understand the business models of our customers and are therefore the enabler of digital transformation. With our expertise in IT security, we form the foundation for a stable digital future in a connected global society.


Wolfgang Kurz

Wolfgang Kurz, Dipl.-Ing. (Engineering degree), born in 1973, set up indevis GmbH while still pursuing his studies in electronics and electrotechnology in Munich, graduating in 2000. He has responsibility for the technical and technological areas at indevis, particularly in the development and operation of the indevis Managed Security Services in compliance with the ITIL industrial standard, along with the integration of IT security, network and datacenter solutions. He is an expert in the areas of infrastructure and datacenters, and carries the main responsibility for the compilation of the indevis product and service portfolios.

Andreas Mayer

Andreas Mayer, Dipl.-Kfm. (Business Administration degree), born in 1973, took over commercial management of indevis GmbH after completion of his business administration studies in Munich in 2001. He heads up the Sales and Marketing divisions and takes care of strategic partnerships. His focus is on sales and promotion of relations between indevis and its clients. Andreas Mayer ensures that indevis consolidates its current position in the market and continues to further expand going forward.

Stefan Körner

Stefan Körner, Dipl.-Ing. (Engineering degree), born in 1969, is responsible for the entire sales organization with the areas of key accounting and inside sales as well as marketing at indevis. He has over 25 years of sales experience and has been working in the field of IT services and managed services for more than 20 years. Before moving to indevis, he held various management positions responsible for the sales of managed security services and the development of sales teams. He also supported the agile transformation of companies as a business coach, professional Scrum Master and Kanban coach. Together with the indevis sales team, Stefan Körner ensures that companies benefit from more security in a connected world thanks to Managed Security Services.

Christian Singer

Christian Singer, Dipl.-Kfm. (Business Administration degree), born in 1967, is responsible for finance and HR at indevis as managing director. He has over 25 years of relevant experience in various industries, including IT services. Before indevis, he held management positions for many years, including CFO & Managing Director at companies with PE shareholders. In these functions, he often accompanied change processes in the role of an interim manager. One focus of his tasks at indevis is the acceleration of digitization to expand data-supported processes for well-founded business decisions.

Munich office

Address of the Munich headquarters:

indevis IT-Consulting and Solutions GmbH
Koppstrasse 14
81379 Munich

Telephone: +49 (89) 452424-100
Telefax: +49 (89) 452424-199


Gebäude der Geschäftsstelle in München
indevis headquarters in Munich

Hamburg offices

Address of the branch office in Hamburg:

indevis IT-Consulting and Solutions GmbH
Michaelistr. 24
20459 Hamburg

Tel.: +49 (40) 730 88 43-50
Fax: +49 (40) 730 88 43-79

Picture indevis branch office Hamburg
indevis branch office in Hamburg


Company history

Since its founding, indevis has exhibited an impressive evolution.  From its visionary beginnings to becoming a leading solutions as well as managed security services provider (MSSP), the path for indevis has been a long one. The company concentrated on specialization in the areas of IT security and network technology in the same year it started operation. As its first cloud security service, the indevis authentication solution based on RSA SecurID was born – today, our business division "Managed Security Service Providing (MSSP)" has been certified by the Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI, the German Federal Office for Information Security) in compliance with the international ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

In the meantime, we offer standard products and individual solutions in the areas of IT security, network technology and datacenters to tens of thousands of client systems. We work together with a wide range of vendors and partners, and continuously qualify our staff in compliance with the latest certification for the marketed solutions. The portfolio of our Managed Security Services has expanded considerably in the intervening period allowing us to also alternatively offer indevis services and support for your requirements along with vendor solutions.

indevis will continue in the coming years to pursue its mission of enabling organizations in all branches and of all sizes to benefit from value-added complex and innovative information technology in an increasingly more connected online world, and in this way to facilitate secure commercial processes for those organizations.

Following is a view of the most important milestones that indevis IT-Consulting and Solutions GmbH has passed on its way to becoming a reputable system house and provider of cloud and managed services.

  1. September 1999

    • indevis GmbH founded by Wolfgang Kurz and Andreas Mayer
    • Offices in Schwanthaler Strasse, Munich (2 employees)
    • Idea for managed security services in a ski lodge in the Ötztal Alps:  IT security solutions to be provided centrally for clients of all sizes
  2. 2000

    • 1st datacenter in Munich
    • Moved to offices in Zenettistrasse, Munich (4 employees)
    • indevis Authentication Service setup
    • indevis Remote Access Services setup
  3. 2005

    • 2nd datacenter in Munich
    • indevis E-Mail Security Service setup
  4. 2006

    • Yearly turnover exceeds the mark of 1 million euro
  5. 2007

    • Moved to offices in Grimmstrasse, Munich 
    • 8 employees
  6. 2008

    • Decision for certification according to ISO 27001, BSI basic IT protection
    • Inclusion of Palo Alto Networks in the portfolio as one of the first partners in Europe
  7. 2010

    • Certification according to ISO 27001, BSI basic IT protection
    • 15 employees
  8. 2012

    • Offices opened in Hamburg
  9. 2013

    • 25 employees
    • Re-certification according to ISO 27001, BSI basic IT protection
    • Moved offices to Irschenhauser Strasse, Munich
    • Eindevis Tech Support (responsive) established
  10. 2014

    • 30 employees
    • New business unit: Datacenter
    • Double-digit million euro turnover
    • Dedicated development department – Architecture & Design
    • Start of datacenter virtualization
  11. 2015

    • Re-certification according to ISO 27001, BSI basic IT protection
    • Expansion of the office space in Irschenhauser Strasse
    • Inclusion of F5 Networks in the indevis portfolio
    • indevis Managed Firewall established (proactive)
  12. 2016

    • 50 employees
    • AMP feature for indevis e-mail security
  13. 2017

    • Professionalization of the consulting department: Establishment of the project services department in addition to system consulting
    • 6 new Managed Security Services 
    • Total of 14 Managed Security Services
    • 60 employees
  14. 2018

    • Professionalization of Tech Support: Establishment of the Service Operations department in addition to the Service Desk
    • Relocation of the Hamburg office
    • More than 70 employees
  15. 2019

    • ISO 27001 certification by TÜV Süd
    • 20 years indevis
    • Move into new office building in Hamburg
  16. 2020

    • Relocation of the first service to the new data center location in Munich (noris)
    • indevis becomes a RIPE member with its own IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
    • Short-term provision of indevis Authentication and indevis Secure Access for thousands of our customers' employees during the Corona Pandemic
    • Introduction of the token factory with an optimized process for sending tokens: sending over 10,000 tokens in 2 months
    • 35,000 managed tokens in use by customers
  17. 2021

    • 4,300 firewalls in management monitoring
    • Investment company HQ Equita joins indevis
    • 80 employees
  18. 2022

    • New in the indevis portfolio: Okta Identity & Access Management
    • Building a SOC and MDR service

The indevis Logo

indevis LogoThe indevis logo is modern and elegant; it contains a figurative mark: a hexagonal symbol whose lines are joined in places and broken in others. The hexagon is the most stable form in nature – bees, for example, use the shape for their beehives. The open and closed lines give the logo a dynamic effect, which at the same time is an analogy for structures in networks in which, for example, open and closed ports regulate the traffic.

Stability belongs perfectly to our claim to "security in a connected world", by which we do not only mean the conventional topic of IT security. We include in the claim the general requirement of our clients to operate a stable and secure IT infrastructure. The indevis logo with the hexagon is representative of our claim to be a reliable and stable partner to our clients to whom we aim to provide security in a connected world.