System Consulting

Professional consulting from a single source

What is the best network or security solution for our company and how can the solution be successfully taken into operation? Where is there potential for optimization in our IT infrastructure? How can we better protect ourselves against cyber-criminality and security openings?

Our IT consulting team helps you to find an answer to these questions facing companies today to obtain the ideal IT solution. 

Consulting Team


Best consulting based on many years of experience

In order to adequately protect themselves against threats from the network, companies have to choose between various complex products and services. 

This is where our consulting services can help. Our IT business architects and IT consultants work together with your IT specialists  to develop the IT roadmap and strategy for the next few years, analyzing products and alternative solutions.  To this end, our experienced consulting team advises you in great detail. Our services are based on years of practical experience employing best practice, combined with excellent technological expertise in all of our IT solutions.

Cooperative and trustworthy partnership

Working together with you, we analyze your IT business processes and applications, and develop concepts for appropriate IT solutions and architectures for you from our portfolio of vendors and indevis managed security services. These support your business both today and in the future in achieving success. We can add vendors and expertise from our extensive network of partners as required. And, of course, we advise you strategically and with no preference for particular vendors.

We help you to take solutions and systems into operation and also support you in transferring them to the most stable and secure operative state possible.

Our services

  • Consulting, concept development and architectural design in all aspects in the areas of network, security and datacenter infrastructure
  • Commissioning of network, security and datacenter solutions in your IT environment
  • Transition from IT services from your environment to indevis Managed Security Services
  • Extensive experience in different branches and with clients of all sizes
  • Excellent technological expertise in all of our IT solutions
  • All-round consideration of the IT infrastructure and IT services
  • Training of your IT staff on request
  • Partnership with various providers enables vendor-neutral consulting with tailored solutions 

  • Firewall migration of a central internal campus firewall in the university sector for approximately 5,000 systems
  • Concept development and migration of a globally distributed firewall and VPN environment at 150 sites for a large industrial client
  • Development of a concept for an internal security zone architecture for a large industrial client
  • Concept development and commissioning of a next-generation endpoint protection solution in the media sector for approximately 4,000 clients
  • Concept development and commissioning of a cloud data management platform for backup and recovery for several hundred VMs
  • Concept development and rollout of a WLAN infrastructure for a retail group at several hundred sites
  • Firewall audits and security analyses for firewall environments of all sizes
  • Comprehensive consulting services for enhancing general IT security