indevis License and System Rental

Flexible financing options for your IT projects

IT products are evolving faster and faster, providing new opportunities for optimal workflows. New business opportunities require flexible capacity building, regardless of long-term budget planning. New or increased security requirements may require significant investment in modern protection technologies. Many indevis customers therefore prefer to hire a leasing provider to finance larger IT projects and our Managed Security Services.

indevis License and System Rental offers numerous advantages:

  • Fixed rates allow for a clear planning basis and cost calculation. Leasing and rental contracts spare credit limits for conventional financing sources. The resulting liquidity can be used by companies for their profitable core business.
  • Lease and rental payments are normally off balance sheet and deduct as operating expenses, regardless of the depreciation rules, directly in the income statement.
  • In public administration, IT budgets can be optimally utilized with leasing, since IT investments can be transferred from the household budget to the administrative budget.
  • Short contract periods increase planning flexibility, exchange models help with budget planning and allow the use of the latest technologies.

If you are considering this financing option for your IT project or our Managed Security Services, the indevis License and System Rental offer is ideal for you. Even if you want to involve your own lessor, just contact us – we have an open ear for all options. Just ask our sales team at Fon. +49 (89) 45 24 24-100 or use the following contact form.

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