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Multi Factor Authentication

Strong authentication for every size of organization

indevis Authentication Logoindevis provides a user authentication service based on RSA SecurID – indevis Authentication. With this service, we offer companies and organizations of all sizes a scalable solution for deployment of strong RSA SecurID authentication using dynamic passwords for a monthly flat-fee.

indevis has been operating an RSA ACE/server/Authentication Manager in a specially secured datacenter of a large bank since 1999. In the meantime, there is high availability of the infrastructure owing to a redundant second data center. You can have fully functioning RSA SecurID authentication from as little as a few euros a month.

  • Highly-secure multi-factor authentication: hardware tokens, SMS tokens, software tokens
  • Connection over VPN and AES encryption
  • High availability by redundant outsourcing to professional datacenters
  • Optional virtual system with its own administration user interface
  • Scalable costs, investment shift from CapEx to OpEx

Scalable solution – maximum benefit

indevis Authentication is a service model service. The solution is fully scalable and you can lease as many tokens for your staff/users as you require in your organization, even down to individual tokens for each new member of staff. In this way, you can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and immediately use fully functional RSA SecurID authentication without any large initial investment. For further increase of the security level, we recommend in addition a remote access solution for network access by mobile workforce, service providers, guests or customers: indevis Secure Access.

Software Tokens: simplified authentication and distribution by QR Code

By using software tokens, the workflow for distributing and managing two-factor authentication can be optimized for global mobile workers. The token seed - the secret key that generates the password - can be sent to the user as a QR code by post. This facilitates the distribution of tokens especially for companies that operate globally. When shipping the QR code as a letter, no import or customs regulations must be followed, so that the token arrives quickly. The distribution path itself is also safer than sending via unencrypted e-mail because it makes hacker attacks impossible.

Picture Software Token QR CodeFor users, the software token offers the advantages that it is user-friendly, always accessible on the smartphone and easy to put into operation. The QR code automatically leads to the RSA app as soon as the user takes a picture of it with his smartphone. To activate the token, employees receive a password separately with a second letter by mail. The operation via the app is simple, since only the personal Pin must be entered and the passcode is calculated automatically from the Pin and the token code.

indevis Authentication service

  • indevis operates and manages the RSA ACE/server
  • indevis manages the RSA SecurID user administration
  • indevis takes charge of token rollout in your company
  • indevis replaces old and lost tokens
  • indevis advises, trains and makes your staff security-aware for authentication

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