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indevis Datacenter and Virtualization Services

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indevis Datacenter and Virtualization Services

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indevis datacenter and virtualization services logoWe at indevis have been operating our own datacenter in a large Munich bank since the year 2000, and from 2008 a second iden  tical datacenter as a co-location for the purpose of redundancy. Both datacenters are connected with each other over a 10-gigabit fiber optic link. From these datacenters we render our certified managed security services and provide the existing infrastructure in addition to the experience we have gained over many years of datacenter operation to our clients of all sizes.

indevis Virtualization Platform

The flexibly scalable virtual servers from indevis enable you to control your IT at low operational running costs completely in accordance with your business requirements. The indevis Virtualization Platform provides you with a wide range of powerful functions to persistently optimize the management, safeguarding, mobility and performance of your virtual machines.

The performance range of the virtual servers can be cost-effectively individually planned, adapted and expanded to meet your requirements and needs. The highly flexible performance and billing model greatly sets the indevis Virtualization Platform apart from other traditional cloud service offerings.

The indevis Virtualization Platform is integrated seamlessly into your existing IT landscape – whether you want to establish a private cloud or operate a hybrid cloud, i.e. a mixture of your existing IT environment with cloud solutions. The indevis Virtualization Platform offers maximum efficiency, cost savings, flexibility along with control and security.

indevis System Housing

indevis System Housing is a modular offering to all clients looking to operate their servers in a highly modern, secure datacenter. Along with straightforward rackspace, we also offer tailored, professional services at the highest datacenter level at attractive terms and conditions.

  • Professional datacenter operation (24/7/365)
  • Co-location in both datacenters (high-availability datacenter)
  • Highest levels of datacenter availability since 1999: 99.99% on average per year
  • Factor-10 redundant Internet link with gigabit uplink
  • Maximum ISP response time: 30 minutes
  • Redundant power supply for every server/rack
  • Redundant datacenter uninterruptible power supply, diesel UPS (30 days)
  • Rackspace: 19" server cabinets
  • Professional access protection, intrusion protection (EN 1627), security firm (24/7/365), camera monitoring, movement sensors
  • Professional air-conditioning technology (EN 1047-2)
  • Professional fire protection ('Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm' – VESDA)
  • Water protection, protection against extinguishing water with proof of watertightness in accordance with EN 60529 / IP 56
  • Individual power billing according to consumption by your hardware
  • Dust (EN 60529) and smoke resistance
  • Optional (on request): Operation with green power

(* slight deviations in data possible depending on datacenter)

  • Single point-of-contact support
  • Hotline support according to the ITIL standard: Qualified, dedicated NOC staff, on Bavarian workdays (except Saturday), Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. in your timezone, optional 24/7 service
  • Specified response times and SLA in your timezone
  • Deployment of up-to-date remote maintenance tools
  • Server monitoring (alarm messages by e-mail and/or SMS)
  • Knowledge base and ticket system
  • Telephone, remote and e-mail support, audit-reliable remote access (Remote Management)
  • Call/ticket tracking through to resolution
  • Hardware full-service – business-optimized services (e.g., procurement, installation and commissioning of your hardware)
  • Repair and replacement service in the case of defects (same-day hardware replacement service)
  • Contact to the provider
  • Documentation maintenance
  • indevis as contact partner for IT security and network topics

indevis Datacenter Network and Security Services

Running your own datacenter professionally often makes no sense in technical, economic and financial terms. We offer our clients the option to share the indevis infrastructure available in our datacenters as a Managed Service. The indevis team has profound know-how, experience and resources in the areas of networks, the Internet and security, from which you can benefit in the form of our Datacenter Network and Security Services.

The indevis Datacenter Network and Security Services are a supple-mentary product to indevis System Housing and indevis Virtualization Platform. The components of the indevis datacenter infrastructure provided as part of the service can be deployed individually or in combinations. All components of the indevis Datacenter Network and Security Services are designed with redundancy.

  • Multiply redundant switch clusters 10/100/1000 Mbits (10 Gbits and fiber optic ports on request)
  • Network segmentation by means of VLANs, segment links through datacenter firewalls
  • Redundant gigabit firewall HA cluster for managing data traffic between network segments both from and to the Internet; IPSec VPN tunnel to other IPSec-capable gateways possible
  • Addressing using private or public IPv4 addresses; parallel operation of privately and publicly addressed network segments possible
  • Multiply redundant gigabit Internet link over more than 10 different peering partners; inclusion of external carriers possible
  • SSL VPN cluster with authentication tokens
  • High-performance F5 load balancer as an HA cluster
  • SSL offloading: Scheduling of SSL connections possible for reducing load on the server and simplified certificate handling
  • DDoS protection: Sharing of the mechanisms used by the ISP for protection against denial-of-service attacks
  • System monitoring: Monitoring of the client systems, alarm notification by e-mail or SMS; complex application monitoring possible
  • DC interlink: Redundant layer2 and transparent links between the datacenters; use of the interlinks for backup or increased redundancy with bandwidths between 10 Mbits and 10 Gbits possible
  • E-mail security appliance as HA cluster
  • Backup service 


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