indevis DDoS Protect

indevis DDoS Protect

Effective protection for your website and IT infrastructure

DDoS Protect: Effective protection for your website and IT infrastructure

indevis DDoS Protect logoDDoS attacks can make your company website unavailable and make important files and programs inaccessible. With indevis DDoS Protect, such attacks can be fended off and you can protect your company against downtime, loss of work, loss of revenue and damage to your corporate image.

Distributed denial of service attacks aim to overload the network infrastructure with large amounts of data. Hackers use botnets to initiate DDoS attacks on websites or web-based applications by sending a large number of incomplete or incorrect requests or protocol elements. In this way, the IT infrastructure is overloaded and real requests can no longer be dealt with, because the bandwidth is no longer sufficient. As a result, services are impaired in their functionality and are only available to users and companies to a limited extent or not at all. With indevis DDoS Protect you can protect yourself against service interruptions caused by DDoS attacks.

Fully automated protection of web applications, websites, DNS servers and IT infrastructures

By executing denial of service attacks, attackers aim to paralyze your company's IT infrastructure when you need it most. The high-performance technology of indevis DDoS Protect analyzes the web traffic in real time and automatically filters harmful data streams . Your infrastructure is hidden and protected behind a three-layer filter system. Damaged traffic flows are repelled by complex filter layers. Valid requests continue to reach your infrastructure as usual via a redundant HTTP/S reverse proxy.

Advantages of the indevis DDoS Protect Service

  • Multi-layered protection system with alarm functionality
  • Data processing through German infrastructure and policy-based routing
  • Transparent, permanent filtering of traffic as well as 24/7 monitoring and attack analysis
  • Update and revision of the filter rules according to the risk situation
  • Reporting in the event of attacks with definable escalation and notification levels

  • DDoS protection up to 2,000 Gbit/s defense bandwidth
  • Protection of UDP (DNS) and TCP (HTTP, HTTPS on port 80/443) via HTTP/S reverse proxy
  • Protection against various volume, infrastructure and application-based DDoS attacks (layers 3, 4 and 7), e.g. GET/POST and various Slow&Low
  • Defense against botnets by Myra Antibot

The service provides support for:

  • IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack
  • Native support for HTTP/2
  • TLS 1.3

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