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Firewall with all-inclusive service

Firewall with all-inclusive service

indevis Firewall logoA contemporary protection against attacks, hackers and spies is indispensable today. However, the permanent maintenance and updating of firewall systems and policies demands a high degree of know-how and time. It also becomes more difficult for many organizations to provide specially trained service staff who continually inform themselves of the latest threats. In addition, high investments in hardware, licenses and maintenance are necessary, which many companies would prefer to settle in the form of monthly expenses.

No compromise on the protection of your assets

Modern cyber-criminals target your know-how and use continuously evolving methods of attack in pursuing professional industrial espionage in attempts to steal patents, top technology and other valuable intellectual property. Gaps in security damage corporate reputation, are financially very costly and threaten your company's existence. Contemporaneous protection against attacks, hackers and spies is absolutely indispensable for these reasons.

Firewall full service from the experts: sparing resources and always up to date

The permanent maintenance of firewall systems, updating with updates as well as the adaptation of policies and rules according to elaborate internal SLAs requires a lot of knowledge and time. For many companies it is impossible to provide specialized service staff who keep themselves informed of the latest threats. But only those who constantly adjust the security settings in their systems to the latest attack methods can quickly detect and combat cyber attacks.

With its comprehensive firewall service, indevis always provides up-to-date protection against attacks from the Web. Thanks to our partnership with the firewall vendors Palo Alto Networks and Fortinet and the support of a highly qualified security operations team, your networks can be protected around the clock with cutting-edge technologies to meet your own individual requirements.

Benefits of the indevis Firewall service

  • Cutting-edge protection technologies deployed
  • Investment shift from CapEx to OpEx
  • Two available technologies: Classic and Next-Gen
  • Full service supplied by indevis: appliances, licenses, setup, policies, exchange service and much more
  • Proactive management by the indevis security operations team according to the selected scope of services
  • Responsibility for availability as well as change, incident, problem and patch management by indevis

Shift from investment expenses capex to operating expenses opex

The billing of the indevis firewall service is made by a monthly fee according to the size and number of firewalls in use, the number of included standard changes, the selected support times and the chosen availability.

  • Fixed rates allow companies a clear planning basis and cost calculation and spare credit limits of conventional financing sources. The resulting liquidity can be used for the profitable core business.
  • Monthly operating expenses are usually deductible directly from the income statement, irrespective of the depreciation rules.
  • In the public administration, IT budgets with monthly flat rates can be optimally used, because IT investments can be transferred from the capital budget to the administrative budget.

Vendor Products
Logo Palo Alto NetworksPalo Alto Networks
All PA hardware and VM models as well as all cloud systems (AWS and Azure);
FortinetLogo Fortinet FG30-90, FG100-900, FG1000-5000; FG VM

Scope of indevis Firewall

The indevis Firewall Service consists of standard services and optional services that can be booked additionally. The service can be obtained with two different technologies: Classic und Next-Gen (NG). Not all optional services are available in the Classic version.

The customer receives a firewall system that meets his requirements. indevis is responsible for the change, incident, problem and patch management process and ensures availability within service hours.

Optional features Classic Next-Gen
IPSec Site to Site VPN
Client VPN
Application Firewalling  
User based Firewalling  
Threat and AV Prevention  
URL Filtering  
SSL Interception  
Security Monitoring  
Security Incident Response  
Forensic Incident Analysis Various tools Various tools

It depends on your business needs, the level of risk and the appropriate security level you need, which technology and level of service you should choose for the management of the indevis Firewall service. Our security experts work as closely as possible with your team to tailor our service to your operational needs.

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