indevis Managed Detection and Response

indevis Managed Detection and Response

MDR as a service: with SIEM, SOAR and the indevis SOC

Detect and combat threats quickly – as Managed Service

Logo indevis Managed Detection and ResponseThe interaction of modern security tools such as SIEM and SOAR enables SOC security teams to detect and stop attacks and their vectors in real-time. Save yourself the complex and costly in-house operation of these solutions and, in times of a shortage of skilled workers, do not waste resources on the laborious search for the security employees you need. Thanks to Managed Detection and Response, you can also obtain the corresponding services as a service from indevis. With indevis Managed Detection and Response, the use of such advanced cyber security tools is also feasible and affordable for medium-sized companies.

Managed Detection and Response is the focus at indevis

To prevent damage from cyber attacks, it is important for companies to identify and remediate threats quickly. A SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) is a mandatory requirement for thisbut is not enough on its own, because you also need specialized security analysts to evaluate the collected log information. But the shortage of skilled workers in the economy is particularly noticeable among IT staff.

In addition, it is no longer possible to manually evaluate the mass of security messages without automation. Therefore, the trend is towards Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR), ideally integrated into a managed service. In this way, SMEs can protect themselves just as well as large companies without operating their own SOC.

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A SIEM can be a support in the fight against cyber threats, in order to detect malicious activities as quickly as possible and stop them before they can cause great damage. However, simply installing and configuring a SIEM is not enough. You also have to maintain it continuously, connect sources and readjust it again and again. Most of all, you need security analysts to track and evaluate the information provided by the system. Hardly any medium-sized company has enough specialists and expertise in-house for this purpose. As a result, the SIEM often only serves as a log storage after a short time. This is helpful in a forensic investigation, but is of little use in detecting and stopping a cyber attack.

A SIEM collects all log data from connected security systems, correlates them and searches for anomalies. If it detects unusual behavior, it issues an alert. The problem: The SIEM can identify anomalies, but does not recognize whether they are security-relevant. As a result, security employees are overwhelmed with alerts. The majority of these are false positives, which often have quite harmless causes – for example a software installation that changes file hashes or a backup that runs out of sequence.

In order to sort out such false positives and identify real threats, security teams need to examine the warning messages more closely. Because hardly anyone can do this in view of the flood of data, the alerts often simply accumulate in a mailbox and are only scanned briefly. However, this also means that critical information remains unnoticed.

SIEM, SOC and SOAR: Ultra-modern, essential – and extremely complex

In order to solve the problem of SIEM alerts flooding, larger companies have usually set up a SOC (Security Operations Center). Here, specialized security employees are busy evaluating the alerts from the SIEM. Are there any indications that a log event is dangerous? Has a similar alert been related to a security incident or is a snippet of code or a URL already known to be malicious? In search of answers, the Level 1 analysts search through the threat intelligence databases of the security vendors and have to call up the latest threat information anew each time they conduct research. If signs of a cyber threat are detected, the Level 2 analysts take over with more in-depth investigations. Together with the IT staff on site, they follow the traces and determine whether it is a real attack.

The investigation of the security messages is time-consuming and requires expert knowledge. Running a SOC is therefore quite expensive. In addition, manual analysis wastes valuable time during which a cyber attack can progress unhindered in an emergency. Modern SOCs therefore rely on a solution for Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR). This solution can considerably relieve employees and accelerate processes by automatically performing level 1 analyzes. A SOAR is able to process huge amounts of data in a few seconds and to check information with a wide variety of threat intelligence sources. It prepares the research results intelligently and clearly so that SOC employees quickly receive a complete picture of an attack vector.

AI and machine learning in SOAR enables more efficient security processes

The automation in the SOAR system takes place with the help of playbooks in which the workflows and logics are documented that the system processes. SOC employees can access a large number of ready-made playbooks for different incidents as well as define new ones and share them with others. The AI integrated in SOAR learns from incident, indicator and analyst data in order to obtain personalized insights, e.g. incident owner and frequently executed security commands. The machine learning functions of SOAR thus increase the productivity of users, accelerate the development of playbooks and enable leaner security processes. Over time, more and more know-how is accumulated and work in the SOC becomes more efficient. Ultimately, a SOAR can significantly reduce the number of alarms that employees still have to check and significantly accelerate the response to a security incident.

Benefits indevis Managed Detection and Response

  • Real-time attack detection
  • Cutting-edge protection technologies from market-leading vendors deployed
  • Outsourcing or use of expensive security tools & teams (SIEM, SOAR, SOC) as a cost-effective service
  • AI and machine learning in SOAR enable leaner and more efficient security processes
  • Full service by the indevis Cyber Defense Center according to the selected scope of services
  • Connection of various log sources
  • Use of best practices playbooks or development of playbooks tailored to your own requirements
  • Joint coordination of the possible response after the detection of real cyber threats
  • ISO27001 certified MSSP business unit

indevis MDR: Automatically outsmart attackers

The need for SIEM, SOC and SOAR is obvious in today's increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. Their interaction makes it possible to detect and stop attacks and their vectors as quickly as possible. Save yourself the time-consuming and costly in-house operation of these solutions and, in times of skills shortages, do not waste any resources in the laborious search for the security staff you need. Thanks to Managed Detection and Response, you can obtain the relevant services as a service from indevis. With indevis Managed Detection and Response, no valuable time is lost in hunting down and responding to threats.

indevis Managed Detection and Response

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