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Secure connection of branches and WAN-Optimization

indevis Secure SD-WAN: Secure, flexible branch connection with low operating costs

Logo indevis SD-WANTraditional WAN models cannot support developing companies. Since many applications require direct internet access and more and more applications are being moved across multiple clouds, the volume of data traffic and the complexity in companies with multiple branches increase tremendously. Traditional connections are time-consuming to deploy, and high-performance, cost-effective broadband connections are limited in certain locations. This leads to a poor user experience and increased security risks.

Decentralized companies with different locations are therefore increasingly switching from WANs with limited performance to an SD-WAN architecture. With good reason: An SD-WAN solution not only enables cost savings and convenient management of business applications, but also offers higher performance for SaaS applications (Software-as-a-Service) and bandwidth-intensive communication services.

Advantages indevis Secure SD-WAN

  • Provision of the complete SD-WAN infrastructure including operational responsibility
  • Worldwide central management of the SD-WAN solution
  • Consistent security level for the protection of branch offices, mobile users and data centers
  • Optimal user experience and cost efficiency
  • Full service by indevis: devices, licenses, setup, policies and much more.

indevis Secure SD-WAN offers two different vendor technologies

Don't compromise on security, performance, or simplicity when migrating to SD-WAN. Depending on the existing infrastructure, business model and other requirements, there are a number of functions and advantages that you should consider when choosing your individual SD-WAN solution.

indevis Secure SD-WAN implements the optimal solution for you, based on these vendor technologies:
  • Fortinet Secure SD-WAN (SD-WAN functionality in the FortiGate NG-Firewall)
  • Palo Alto Networks Strata (SD-WAN subscription in the NG-Firewall)
  • First-class, integrated SD-WAN network and security functions in a single NG firewall device.
  • Comprehensive SD-WAN networking capabilities with zero-touch implementation and a low total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Transparent visibility and management across the entire network from a central console.
  • Secure SD-WAN implementation including native integration with industry-leading security systems.
  • Easy SD-WAN integration through activation in your existing firewalls and use of the SD-WAN hub Prisma Access as a service.
  • Excellent user experience using the Prisma Access SD-WAN hub to optimize performance.

For your successful WAN edge transformation, each vendor offers a different selection of functions, models (hardware, VM, cloud) and integration options – these should be considered according to your individual requirements. Our consulting experts will be happy to advise you!

Regardless of which version you choose: with the managed service indevis Secure SD-WAN you not only benefit from the technology that is optimal for you, but also enjoy all the advantages of an SD-WAN solution operated by external professionals.

Networks that use MPLS technology to manage data packets depend on every piece of hardware when making forwarding decisions. In this case, a router receives an IP packet, determines where the packet has to go, exclusively at the top level of the network layer, and sends it to the next node. In large networks, multiple routers have to make this decision all the time.

Network administrators must use command line codes and other manual processes to create rules for these routers. If a network contains ten routers and an application requires ten rules, that means 100 rules must be distributed over the network. If each rule takes ten seconds to process, it takes 16 minutes to distribute the rule set before the application can be distributed appropriately. As the list of rules grows, the spread time grows exponentially.

SD-WAN centralizes the definition and distribution processes for rules so that administrators can group rules and manage policies simultaneously in a single application. For example, a stakeholder could define a rule that asks the network to send critical communications over a VPN connection and application updates over a broadband connection.

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