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Set yourself free with the all-inclusive WLAN service

Easy and secure networking with the Next-Generation Enterprise WLAN

indevis WLAN LogoMobile devices are indispensable nowadays for staff productivity. As a consequence, a reliable WLAN infrastructure is particularly crucial as unsatisfactory user experiences have a significant impact on commercial success.

However, it is a very complex endeavor requiring a high level of know-how to operate a flexibly scalable WLAN that supports the ever-growing number of devices and a wide range of management functions. It is also becoming increasingly difficult for many businesses to retain expert service staff.

indevis meets these challenges with the indevis WLAN Service. indevis provides a WLAN infrastructure as a service, and at the same time is responsible for all aspects of its operation – on a local, regional, national or global basis. 

The comprehensive all-inclusive indevis WLAN service is available in the versions Basic and Enterprise. Both versions are centrally managed by indevis. The components in the Basic version are managed purely on a cloud basis. In the Enterprise version you can select between cloud-based management or management hosted by indevis.

Advantages of the indevis WLAN Service

  • Provision of the complete WLAN infrastructure incl. operational responsibility (without physical installation)
  • Worldwide centralized management of your access points
  • Two performance levels: Basic and Enterprise
  • Updates and upgrades
  • Support for configuration planning, rollout and extensions
  • Full service by indevis: devices, licenses, setup, policies and much more.
  • Guest network with captive portal included – optionally with private preshared key technology

Standard services BASIC ENTERPRISE
Enterprise SSIDs and Access Points
Guest network with captive portal
Optional services BASIC ENTERPRISE
WPA2 Private Preshared Key  
indevis Hosted Management:
cloud based or hosted by indevis

Guest Network with Captive Portal included – Private Preshared Key optional

With the guest network, you can conveniently organize the management of personal devices and guest devices yourself through automated self-service workflows for device onboarding. With Guest Management and via a captive portal provided by indevis, you can easily create and issue guest vouchers for authentication yourself.

Secure, profile-based network access is enabled by optional PPSK technology, which allows the use of different, user-specific private preshared keys. If an employee leaves or a device is lost, only the PPSK of the user/device is deleted – all other PPSKs continue to function.

Cloud-Managed Hive-Technologie

indevis uses access points that automatically organize themselves into a swarm – a so-called hive. Management is thus possible without WLAN switches and controllers.  Each access point can react quickly to changes and provide applications and data streams with the bandwidth they need. This is because the access points do more than just process management information and collect data on network utilization. They also store information about service level agreements, firewall rules, the quality of service of applications and security settings.

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