indevis Managed Email-Security (iAS)

In terms of security and confidentiality, an email isn’t much better than a postcard. The current situation shows that the challenges of spam defense and email encryption are and will continue to be important for many companies and organizations. For anti-spam and email encryption solutions, indevis relies on Cisco, the market leader. indevis offers a comprehensive security service with indevis Managed Email Security and Managed Anti-Spam (iAS).

  • No large initial investment—billing per month/mailbox
  • Scalable and calculable costs from the very start
  • Market-leading technology
  • Time saving—implementation in just a few minutes
  • Independent of license models
  • Support platform (24/7) on the Internet
  • iAS is redundant with backup and central management
  • Monthly reporting
  • Helpdesk in your time zone and in your language
  • No investment in yearly software maintenance contracts
  • No investment in consulting or in-house research & development
  • No investment in trainings
  • indevis handles the entire setup and design
  • indevis provides a helpdesk and takes the load off your own IT department
  • Lighten the load on your WAN
  • indevis is your partner for IT security and networking questions and provides trained, certified security/network experts who don’t stop searching for solutions to your problems when it comes to anti-spam measures
  • Clearly-defined service levels (SLA)
  • Our managed services are green IT
  • Legal peace of mind when dealing with spam and emails

Besides its anti-spam functionalities, Cisco ESA (email security appliance) enables you to exchange encrypted email with business partners and clients who don’t have their own encryption. Communication occurs via the central encryption appliance. The sender sends an encrypted email as usual, the recipient receives the message as an attachment that they can only open and read via a secure, password-protected connection to the server in their web browser. This also enables them to send an encrypted reply.

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