indevis Managed SSL VPN (iIE)

With our managed SSL VPN, the indevis Instant Extranet (iIE), we offer a scalable solution for using a Juniper SSL VPN clientless remote access solution. The technology is ideal for secure remote access and for remote maintenance of production machines. Additionally, it enables you to offer easy yet very secure network access via an individually designed portal page. Even when your employees are not in the office, they can securely access email and internal company data. With iIE, you can book concurrent sessions as needed and thus easily scale depending on how many employees need access.

  • No large initial investment—billing per month/concurrent session
  • Optional virtual system with its own admin interface
  • Market-leading technology
  • Scalable and calculable costs from the very start
  • Time savings: can be implemented in just minutes
  • Independent of license models
  • iIE is redundant
  • Helpdesk in your time zone and in your language
  • No investment in yearly software and hardware maintenance
  • No investment in consulting or in-house research & development
  • No investment in training
  • indevis takes care of the whole setup and design
  • indevis provides a helpdesk—and lightens the load on your own IT department
  • indevis is your partner for IT security and network questions with trained and certified experts
  • Clearly-defined service levels (SLA)
  • Our managed service is green IT

Junos MAG series of pulse gateways are ideal for offering internal and external employees, remote workers, service providers, guests and customers secure remote and LAN-based network access. They enable the dynamic, regulation-supported security implementation in connection with the Junos Pulse Client, Junos Pulse Secure Access Service (SSL VPN) and Junos Pulse Access Control Service (UAC). The large range of models enables you to find a remote access solution that’s fine-tuned to your needs.

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