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Key business data needs to be secured in a fail-safe manner that prevents external access—and that’s just what indevis Secure Private Cloud (iSPC) does. It enables you to transfer the entire data store from one location to another at very affordable prices. iSPC is made possible by the OmniCube from SimpliVity.

The all-in-one virtualization platform that’s specially designed for virtual environments is ideal for companies that are building a secure private cloud and want to operate their data centers on the basis of a modern and cost-effective IT infrastructure. The revolutionary data recovery features of the OmniCube will really take the security of your cloud operations to the next level.

The US/UK spy programs aren’t just designed for fighting terrorism, they’re also ideal for industrial espionage. As soon as your data are in the hands of an American provider, they can be forced to turn it over. The developments surrounding the NSA affair have made it clear that your data is not safe if it’s on American soil where it is automatically subject to American data protection regulations.

The security of your data is of paramount importance to indevis. With indevis Secure Private Cloud we offer you the opportunity to secure your data in Germany under German law. We operate two of our own data centers that are connected to each other via gigabit dark fiber connections. You can use the infrastructure of these data centers via indevis Secure Private Cloud.

We also offer an additional SSL VPN for transferring your data. For VPN transfers we use the AES 256 encryption process, which is known for its high security standards. We also employ Juniper SSL VPN technology, one of the world’s leading technologies from a renowned IT security maker.

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