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Since 2000 we’ve operated our own datacenter in a major Munich bank and since 2008 we’ve operated a second, identical datacenter as a colocation. Both datacenters are connected via gigabit dark fiber connections. We use these datacenters to provide our managed services and offer our clients the ability to use the available infrastructure as well.

  • Professional datacenter operations (24/7/365)
  • Colocation in both datacenters (S0/S2M) (high-availability data center)
  • Actual availability of the datacenters since 1999: 99.99% per year on average
  • 10x redundant Internet connection with GBit uplink (IP backbone uptime: 99.9%)
  • Maximum ISP reaction time: 30 minutes
  • Redundant electricity supply for every server/rack
  • Redundant datacenter emergency electrical supply, diesel USV (30 days!) (IP USV uptime: 99.9%)
  • Rackspace 19” server cabinets
  • Professional access protection, intrusion security (EN 1627), security service (24/7/365), video surveillance, motion detector
  • Professional climate control (climate control uptime: 99.9%, EN 1047-2)
  • Professional fire prevention (“very early smoke detection alarm” – VESDA, DIN 4102-2 / F90)
  • Water protection, extinguisher access with waterproof certification according to EN 60529 / IP 56
  • Individual electricity billing based on the power consumption of your hardware
  • Dust-proof (EN 60529) and smoke-proof (DIN 18095)

We can handle all your server housing and monitoring needs and can care for your system completely or in cooperation with your own IT or network department as a trusted security and network advisor.

  • Single-point-of-contact support
  • Hotline support compliant with the ITIL standard: qualified and dedicated NOC employees who already know your network are available on Bavarian working days (excluding Saturday), Mon.-Fri. 8:00 AM to 6 PM—in your time zone, optionally avail. 24/7
  • Defined reaction times and SLA in your time zone!
  • Use of the most modern remote maintenance tools
  • Server monitoring (notification via email and/or SMS)
  • Knowledge base and ticket system
  • Telephone, remote and email support, revision-safe remote management
  • Call and ticket tracking from start to problem resolution
  • Full-service hardware—business-optimized services (like provisioning, configuration and startup of your hardware)
  • Server hardware on a rental basis (managed server)
  • Repair and exchange service in case of defects (same-day hardware replacement service)
  • Contact with the provider
  • Documentation management
  • indevis as your contact for IT security and network issues

Our indevis Network Operations Center (NOC) implements your operational requirements according to ISMS standards. We thus ensure continual optimization of your network environment while you benefit from our extensive knowledge in the field of IT security and networking.

  • indevis Server Housing based on the ISMS standard
  • Juniper Gigabit Firewall Cluster
  • Hewlett Packard Gigabit Switch Cluster
  • F5 Load Balancer Cluster
  • IronPort Anti-Spam Cluster
  • Juniper SSL VPN Cluster with RSA SecurID Token
  • Backup Service

iSH is a modular offering for all clients who want to operate their servers in a modern, secure datacenter. In addition to rackspace we offer individual and professional services at the highest level of datacenter service at reasonable conditions. We’ll also be happy to give you a personal tour of our datacenter facilities. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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