indevis Managed Services

Managed services can be an interesting and intelligent alternative to in-house IT security and network solutions. Selected IT security and network services are outsourced to the indevis data centers and professionally managed by certified specialists. Since 1999 we have offered our clients IT security and network services of the very highest standard with our managed services and managed security services (SaaS: Security-as-a-Service).

We implement your IT security solution, train your users so that they can implement your security policy, and support you in the operation of these services with maintenance and management services. Our managed services customers can contact us via our free indevis Hotline Support. As your IT security and network partner, indevis is on your side: we’re independent of Internet service providers. And of course, you can switch from managed services to an in-house solution at any time.

  • The best products available on the market at fair prices
  • Perfect service from trained personnel
  • The highest level of security—complete integration in our ISMS