indevis Managed WLAN (iWLAN)

The most comfortable way to operate a Wi-Fi network: our managed WLAN service, indevis WLAN (iWLAN) with Aerohive creates a flexible, secure network infrastructure with significantly lower costs versus those of other WLAN installations. Connecting and integrating branch offices, home offices and guest networks into the corporate network takes on a new dimension with Aerohive. Previously it was only possible to administer complex wireless networks in companies, government agencies and hospitals with the help of a WLAN controller, a technology that since 2003 has colored the expectations of the IT world regarding manageable WLAN networks.
Aerohive networks change all that, transferring the intelligence of a WLAN from the controllers to the access points. The result: much lower costs and a more flexible infrastructure. With indevis Managed WLAN (iWLAN) you can take advantage of this comfort and not have to bother with access point admin drudgery any longer.

  • Centralized global management of your Aerohive access points
  • Aerohive Manager server running on VMware
  • Updates and upgrades
  • Configuration planning for expansions
  • Backup of your entire WLAN infrastructure
  • RSA SecurID token for admin access

It’s now possible to create a WLAN without additional CAPEX investments beyond that for the access points themselves. Our innovative private cloud service for centralized WLAN management is immediately available and does not require additional software or hardware on your side and won’t increase the workload of your own IT experts.

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