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For indevis, Green-IT means not only providing services in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way, but also making the world a bit greener. Trees are beautiful, outstanding and durable. They are symbols of living growth – growth that you also enable us by recommending indevis. We want to pass on this growth and let trees grow with your help. We are grateful for each new customer, who finds to indevis thanks to your recommendation and in return plant in your name 25 trees in Germany.

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Our partner: Prima Klima ("Great Climate")

Since its foundation in 1991, Prima Klima has advocated avoiding or compensating for as many CO2 emissions as possible in order to tackle the climate problem. This is done technically and biotically, such as through reforestation. indevis supports reforestation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as part of a customer promotion campaign. On the heavily groundwater-influenced area, a mixed forest of red alder, hornbeam with pedunculate oak, birch, elderberry, tree hazel and tree pastures will be planted.

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Recommend us and let trees grow

If you are satisfied with indevis and know someone whom we can support with our products and solutions, then now is the opportunity to get in contact with us. For every new customer, we let trees grow. Thanks to your help, the number of trees planted by indevis has already grown to over 500.

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