Palo Alto Security Analysis

Maintain your investment in the next-generation firewall at the top level!

The indevis Security Analysis service provides proactive examination of the Palo Alto network solution and its operating conditions. An indevis consultant analyzes the design and configuration for possible security risks and gives recommendations for changes to ensure that your system is fully optimized and aligned with the network security targets of your company.

Health check and configuration audit

Working together with you, our security consultants analyze your current network security configuration and the operational firewall systems. We analyze a multitude of security parameters and performance indicators in addition to the firewall configuration in accordance with the indevis and vendor best practices. Our aim is to ensure that you have top performance and stable, secure operation of the central security gateways as well as unearthing further potential optimization to enhance the network security.

As such, we ensure that your firewall systems provide the best possible security level matching your requirements. Using log analyses, we examine jointly with you whether your networks, IT systems and data are already threatened at the time by security incidents and malware. Our experts validate the current configuration of the NG firewall functions, for example, of App-ID and security profiles, and recommend ways for optimum usage and improvement of the security level.

indevis Palo Alto Networks Certifications

Packages and Follow-ups

We offer the Palo Alto Security analysis in a range of packages in accordance with the requested and required analysis effort and specific content. Each analysis includes documentation and reporting of the activities performed along with the existing risks and recommended countermeasures. We combine the security analysis with extended actions as required – for example, penetration tests, vulnerability scans, APT and espionage simulations, lateral movement and OSINT analyses.

Firewall configuration check for indevis/Hersteller best practices + ++ +++
Analysis of the firewall firmware in regard to know weaknesses + + +
Audit of the firewall policy + ++ +++
Log analyses for identification of threats, such as malware and spyware + ++ +++
Log analyses for identification of unusual traffic behavior + ++ +++
Check security settings: App-ID, security profile, Wildfire, SSL-Decrypt + ++ +++
Recommendations for further enhancement of the security level + ++ +++
Implementation of configuration changes for increase of the security level   + ++
Analysis of the current firewall design in regard to potential optimization   + ++
Logging and documentation of the performed activities and recommendations + ++ +++
Optional: Vulnerability scanning for public services   + +

Key for analysis scope: + normal | ++ detailed | +++ extensive

Palo Alto Security Analysis – Professional

Advanced Package, extended by additional, optional modules:

  • OSINT analyses: Visibility analyses of the customer's environment in the Internet
  • APT simulation (browser profiling, identification of malware channels, malware samples)
  • Lateral movement (expansion of rights in the internal network)
  • Espionage simulation (social engineering)
  • Penetration testing for public services

Step by step to greater security

We work on the security analysis for your Palo Alto Networks solution jointly with you to guarantee that you derive the greatest possible benefits. We coordinate in advance and continuously throughout the project the sequential steps needed:

  • Definition of the required scope and contents of the security analysis
  • Planning and implementation of the various measures required
  • Joint analysis and evaluation
  • Documentation and reporting of the analysis
  • Consulting and support in the optimization of your systems