WAN Optimization with Riverbed Technology

Many applications where its protocols are developed originally for LANs are used over WAN connections today. They are very communication intense, spend a lot of band width and are very slow over LAN since there is no data optimization. When a lot of users are accessing the same application the connection is strained additionally. Thus in the worst case the application is not available anymore or very very slow.
The WAN Optimization technology can put things right and the cooperation between the different locations can be raised to a new level.

The optimization of the WAN connection solves amongst other things the problem of the latency period in the network and can prioritize additional traffic. The most important applications can reach partially a hundredfold improved allocation rate.

Riverbed SteelHead

Riverbed SteelHead

The Riverbed SteelHead-Appliance is able to reduce the bandwidth usage up to 95%.

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