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Protection for your web applications and data

Availability and integrity of business-critical applications and data

indevis Web App Secure logoToday, applications are the major targets of attacks; the availability and integrity of these applications and data are extremely critical to the commercial profitability of many companies. Network security currently makes up the greatest share in security investments although more than two thirds of the attacks are directly aimed at the applications. The threats for applications and data are however persistent and growing in number day by day. For this reason, these attacks must be identified and neutralized without crippling application performance or compromising corporate data.

Defense against sophisticated complex threats

indevis Web App Secure is based on the market-leading security technology of F5 Networks. The Application Security Manager (ASM) from F5 enables protection against sophisticated, complex threats with an efficiency in security of 99.89 percent. At the same time, the performance is maintained by means of the SSL relocation for applications and the prevention of caching of malicious contents.

Enterprise Application Security service

The indevis Web App Secure service counters such threats with a combination of pioneering processes for defending against layer-7 DoS attacks, advanced methods of detection and risk reduction, intensive threat analysis, virtual patching and granular attack transparency.

In addition, indevis Web App Secure provides an overview of the HTTP and WebSocket data traffic for protection against attacks that infiltrate normal web data communications, streaming data feeds and chat sessions.

  • Thanks to virtual patching, weaknesses in applications can be immediately patched with the indevis Tech Support service until the software vendor makes an official patch available.
  • Web development is dynamic. Errors occur when focusing concentration on functions and schedules. Every developer knows that an incoming call is never allowed to be used for a database. Nonetheless, incoming database calls crop up all the time in app code.
  • Prevention of loss of sensitive information by an adapted protective service whose configuration indevis customizes together with the service client. Meeting PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, Basel II and other compliance standards is made easier to accomplish.
  • Geo-location-based blocking enables access to the websites of specific countries and regions to be restricted.
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Optional: DoS protection as add-on

The functionality of services is impaired by a denial-of-service (DoS) attack and the services are only available with restrictions to users and companies. A DoS attack mostly comprises a combination of different attack vectors that are all active at the same time in order to detect and exploit weaknesses in the infrastructure – be it network devices, applications or network bandwidth. Different attacks must also be combated with a variety of measures. The DoS protection service from indevis provides a defense solution at multiple levels to protect against combined network attacks and advanced attacks.

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