indevis Managed Token Authentication - iSA

indevis provides an RSA SecurID-based user authentication system as a managed authentication solution: indevis SecurAccess (iSA). With iSA/RSA SecurID we offer companies and organizations of every size a scalable solution for employing strong RSA SecurID authentication with dynamic passwords. Since 1999 indevis has operated an RSA ACE/server/authentication manager (iSA Authentication Server) in a particularly safe datacenter housed in a major bank. You can utilize a fully-functional RSA SecurID authentication solution starting from just a few euros per month.

  • indevis operates and administers the RSA ACE/server
  • indevis manages RSA SecurID user administration
  • indevis oversees the token rollout for your company
  • indevis replaces old and lost tokens
  • indevis advises, trains and sensitizes your employees re: authentication

With the RSA SecurID Authentication you can simply rent some token whenever you need them. This allows you to reduce total cost of ownership and immediately receive a fully functional RSA SecurID authentication without large initial investment. 



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