indevis Managed Virtualization Platform

Cloud service—made in Germany: indevis Managed Virtualization Platform provides our clients with flexibly scalable virtual servers with full root access as an alternative to our dedicated server offerings. No mandatory contract period, no restrictive pricing. You can book indevis’ virtual servers at various service levels. Our servers scale across different performance levels and provide guaranteed resources. Combined with a flexible billing model, indevis’ virtual servers stand out from those of many competing virtual server providers.

  • Provisioning of virtual VMware infrastructure
  • Optional high-availability server
  • Consulting, installation support and setup
  • Customer-specific admin access
  • Provisioning of RAM, CPU and HDD
  • Save and secure images as backups as well as individual directories and files
  • Bandwidth/traffic network/Internet
  • Monitoring
  • Qualified technical support standing by

indevis uses two datacenters in Munich located close to important international network nodes. Both datacenters meet the highest standards for uptime and security. The locations have multiply redundant gigabit connections to the Internet and are directly connect to each other via fiber optic cables. All the important systems are redundant and designed for high availability. Availability is at least 99.9% and since 1999 the actual availability of our data centers has averaged 99.99% per year.

VMware’s vSphere runs on all the physical hosts on redundant, energy-efficient, high-performance hardware. All the high-availability features are available up to VMware’s error tolerance. Live Migration allows us to move systems to new servers without halting operations—without users even noticing the shift. Downtime due to maintenance is a thing of the past.

Our central SAN storage stores your data and offers maximum protection against data loss. Multiple storage nodes are combined in a storage cluster that can be expanded at any time without downtime. We offer virtual servers with pre-installed Linux or Windows operating systems that we will configure based on your requirements. You can also rent virtual servers with an operating system of your choice or an available VMware image or host a virtual appliance with us.

The entire cloud hosting platform has high uptime and is administered, monitored and scaled by us. You administer your cloud server just like a physical server. Optionally you can secure the systems with snapshots or backups. Our support staff is available if and when you need them.

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